Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reflective Essay

                Starting off with this essay I had no starting point. The only thing that really interests me, I couldn't take photos of which left me thinking of what to do. Since my mom is a nanny to three female triplets, I figured I would do something involving them. At first I thought I could do an essay about growing up but they haven’t lived long enough to fully capture that idea. Then I got the idea to do an essay of how people care too much about their image and how they are perceived by those surrounding them. As I started the essay I realized that was a dead end. Thinking about the audience, I pivoted that idea and focused on the college student undecided with what to major in. The essay doesn't flow as nicely as I wanted it to, but other than that, it didn't turn out too bad. Design wise, I had to really think differently than I usually do and think it’s noticeable in the essay. That part turned out better. Overall, the essay turned out well and thinks the audience will enjoy it.

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