Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Purpose Statement

         Now that the audience has reached the time in their lives where they are in college, they are expected to know and decide what they are going to do with the rest of their lives. While this photo essay can be used by any college student, the main target audience is the college student that is undecided with what to do. More than likely, they are feeling pressure from family, friends and possibly even the school itself to make a decision. The purpose of this photo essay is to convey to the audience that they should not listen and give in to the pressure. It is their life and there’s only. With the time I have spent with the triplets my mom nanny’s, I have come to notice that children possess a carefree mind and ignore the world around them. They do what they want simply because they want to and it makes them happy. They take risks, fall -sometimes cry-get up, learn from their mistakes and keep going. Somewhere along the period of time when one is growing up, this mindset is lost in people (with the exception of a very minute number) and start to let others decide for them. With this photo essay, it is meant to remind the audience that they were kids once and should re-take that mindset of living simply for yourself and none other. The photos of the triplets should capture the attention along with the bright colors and remind the audience of their childhood. The essay is akin to that of a How To and the slides don’t flow as well as I wanted them. Each slide is independent, but still gets the point across. As for the pictures, they go hand in hand with the captions on the slide and help further get the point across.

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