Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Design Plan

          The design of this essay was a bit elusive. I wanted to get the attention of the audience and have it for every slide. Since I am a boring person, thinking in a very different way that usual was required. For this reason, it was decided that the presentation should look as if the triplets themselves made it. Each of the triplets has a different personality and that is incorporated in each slide. That is why each slide has a different background of a movie or comic that they like. The pictures picked were also of famous movies/comics that the audience would know as well. As for the fonts, they are inconsistent but picked larger ones that take up more space and are more visible. The colors of the letters are also bright and changing to grab attention and keep it consistent with a child mindset along with the slants the lettering has. The diction used was rather simple but not too childlike as that would be condescending. Photographs were big to take up a big portion of the slide and in some they were bunched up. This was to show sequence and in others, to have a somewhat overwhelming effect on the audience. By doing so, they have more to look at each picture and gives them more to connect with. Each slide is supposed to have no empty space (visuals wise) which they don’t and the essay as whole is meant to look as if a child made it. If you look at me or even remotely know me, you would never guess that my mind would have produced this essay. Design wise, everything was achieved that was supposed to be. Some words blend in a bit with the background of the slide, but they are still readable. 

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