Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Purpose Statement

         Now that the audience has reached the time in their lives where they are in college, they are expected to know and decide what they are going to do with the rest of their lives. While this photo essay can be used by any college student, the main target audience is the college student that is undecided with what to do. More than likely, they are feeling pressure from family, friends and possibly even the school itself to make a decision. The purpose of this photo essay is to convey to the audience that they should not listen and give in to the pressure. It is their life and there’s only. With the time I have spent with the triplets my mom nanny’s, I have come to notice that children possess a carefree mind and ignore the world around them. They do what they want simply because they want to and it makes them happy. They take risks, fall -sometimes cry-get up, learn from their mistakes and keep going. Somewhere along the period of time when one is growing up, this mindset is lost in people (with the exception of a very minute number) and start to let others decide for them. With this photo essay, it is meant to remind the audience that they were kids once and should re-take that mindset of living simply for yourself and none other. The photos of the triplets should capture the attention along with the bright colors and remind the audience of their childhood. The essay is akin to that of a How To and the slides don’t flow as well as I wanted them. Each slide is independent, but still gets the point across. As for the pictures, they go hand in hand with the captions on the slide and help further get the point across.

Design Plan

          The design of this essay was a bit elusive. I wanted to get the attention of the audience and have it for every slide. Since I am a boring person, thinking in a very different way that usual was required. For this reason, it was decided that the presentation should look as if the triplets themselves made it. Each of the triplets has a different personality and that is incorporated in each slide. That is why each slide has a different background of a movie or comic that they like. The pictures picked were also of famous movies/comics that the audience would know as well. As for the fonts, they are inconsistent but picked larger ones that take up more space and are more visible. The colors of the letters are also bright and changing to grab attention and keep it consistent with a child mindset along with the slants the lettering has. The diction used was rather simple but not too childlike as that would be condescending. Photographs were big to take up a big portion of the slide and in some they were bunched up. This was to show sequence and in others, to have a somewhat overwhelming effect on the audience. By doing so, they have more to look at each picture and gives them more to connect with. Each slide is supposed to have no empty space (visuals wise) which they don’t and the essay as whole is meant to look as if a child made it. If you look at me or even remotely know me, you would never guess that my mind would have produced this essay. Design wise, everything was achieved that was supposed to be. Some words blend in a bit with the background of the slide, but they are still readable. 

Photo Essay

Reflective Essay

                Starting off with this essay I had no starting point. The only thing that really interests me, I couldn't take photos of which left me thinking of what to do. Since my mom is a nanny to three female triplets, I figured I would do something involving them. At first I thought I could do an essay about growing up but they haven’t lived long enough to fully capture that idea. Then I got the idea to do an essay of how people care too much about their image and how they are perceived by those surrounding them. As I started the essay I realized that was a dead end. Thinking about the audience, I pivoted that idea and focused on the college student undecided with what to major in. The essay doesn't flow as nicely as I wanted it to, but other than that, it didn't turn out too bad. Design wise, I had to really think differently than I usually do and think it’s noticeable in the essay. That part turned out better. Overall, the essay turned out well and thinks the audience will enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Draft of Purpose statement

Over this lifetime, I can count with one hand the amount of people of I’ve come across that truly don’t care what anyone says or thinks about them. Now-a-days, practically everyone I come across cares and don’t live for themselves. My mom is a nanny of female triplets and I’ve spent quite some time with them over the 4 years they have been alive and my mom has cared for them. Spending my time with them, I’ve seen them develop and although they each have their own personalities, they have a carefree mind. I want them to have that for the rest of their lives and not change into the weak mindedness people possess in the modern day. What I want communicated is for people to stop caring and living the life others wish them to live. The audience should reflect on the way they are now and see if they live true to themselves or for the way others want them to. Seeing the triplets’ careless minds and seeing how I will out on the majority of their life as I embark on my military career after this semester, it made me think of how they will turn out in the future. I hope they keep the same careless mind and gung-ho attitude throughout their lives and never let anyone step on them; and if someone does, that they will make them pay dearly. I see this every time I see them and wonder where down the line this might start to change and let others get into their heads. The best outcome is for people to reflect on themselves and see why they are the way they are. The worst outcome would be for people to keep going the way they are which is what I fully expect. Seeing as how the audience is full of people that care what others think, the presentation cannot be about myself but others. For this purpose, I am using pictures of the triplets. People connect more with children and their attention is grabbed more by them. Also, being kids is about being care free. At one point or another, all people didn’t care about the world around them, but only about themselves and did what made them happy. Showing pictures of children will get the point across more. As far as content, all pictures will be of the triplets and it will be in power point format. It will be in color to stand out and catch the eye and look as if the kids themselves made it. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing and Design

To help better communicate to your audience, it can be better to limit the words and use visuals instead. With pictures, the audience can see what you are talking about and get a better idea of what is being explained. The design a project also grabs the attention of the audience and helps them be interested in the topic being discussed. Also, if the writer only utilizes words, they might be more focused on the grade and what the professor has to think rather than the audience themselves. By using pictures-especially if the writer takes them themselves-they will be forced to really engage and think more critically about what they are writing. This will also allow them to learn more things and see differently what they are writing about. Design helps complete what one is trying to communicate.